Monologue 11

7:08 AM Etna Khairullah 0 Comments

Everything's fine, I'm just missing you
When you talk to me like nobody else would listen
You hear me like nobody else had ear would hear
What's the name of regreting something at the end of stories
It's still a reproach anyway
The only exceptioned person created me more rhyme quatrains
Everything's normal, I'm just inhabiting with no you around
Even hear you take a breath, depthly
Means you're afraid of, me?
Then why you just don't leave at the beginning?
Even hold my two hands and hurting in silent night, crawled
Why don't you leave any scar if I let you?
Even you told bullshit of lying games we played, sweetly
Then why don't you hit my tongue to continuing every words?
A clock o'clock will re-run the whell back upside
Return it enclosure then before
Dovoluting the litlest hatry hidden inside both two lungs
Plant and grow the new upcoming perfect spring into the yard
It's an afirmating an afirmation

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