Monologue 9

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Eat to Pray in Love
I meet you in Bali
I'm in love in Labuhan Bajo
I was alone when I came back there
God dumbed my ear Komodo doesn't cry out like moaning
So I sit down here at Helly Deck haunt fo sunset view when you took my picture
It's a halfmoon and left about 5 days
What am I gonna do?
How do you took one object focused that you teached me
When all objects are the same pick the most beautiful
Like you look a chrysantemum fields
So how do you know my heart
Then the world seems like turn to only your own
Is it what you are looking at only what your lens focusing?
Have you ever permitting before taking? You can't because they can't see you
Just too late to realize they are beautiful when you found them

Labuhan Bajo, 15 Sept 13.

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