Confession of Life

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Confession No. 1

Confession No. 2 
I still remember my girl best friend name even since i start to talk though i cant make up with some any more. My first girl best friend was a Netherlander. 

Confession No 3 
For me, Love's like buy things in the market. Don't bargain too much if you don't buy! Anyway, Love's also like a comedy show. It wont make any laughs when it's not really funny. Love makes happiness come along with. 

Confession No. 4 
I improve sometime, when told people about my live. To make it looks like outrageous life. 

Confession No. 5 
I still very wish to stay in Japan. But I stopped learn Japanese, because I'm slow-head and bluck! So I still plan to live there as an English speaker.

Confession No. 6 
I want you to finish the books I gave you. So you can re-share with me. 

Confession No. 7 
I'm afraid to be left because they can't accept my affection then I should run away again and hide somewhere.

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