Monologue 6

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Smart People

Maybe you can't wish for something not happen in your life. Even hard you avoid, hard you refuse, hard you hinder it. Finally it happen.
You can't avoid a new life comes, you can't refuse a new breathtaker, you can't hinder a new born.
How is it about your messy life? You've already planted your dreams in the paper you stick near your bed. To remind you always that you have a narrow time to make it thru. But it becomes slower because of a high big stone impair your way. Can't you not cry on it?! No.
Sometime you think it happens because of your fault, you haven't not try hard yet. It causes your unsuccessful. But the world's is unfair, God is not always hear your words, The day run forward, you can't rewind.
Whatever, run it. If the newman narrow your way, run! Run as fast as you can!
Take a deep breath, don't tears down. Remember it's too precious for your working next. To rejoice your success.

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