Monologue 5

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Different the mention of 'alone', maybe we're not realizing the beloved people sorrounding us or maybe they can't be there as it belongs right now. We don't have time for Loneliness.
How much we pay for dreams? it takes nothing, you just need to sleep. So do alike, it's easy to realize. We need to wake up and work through over to chase it with no sleep. "Bermimpilah, maka tuhan akan memeluk mimpi-mimpimu."-Sang Pemimpi.
I can't say nothing when you ask for my apologize. I can't mercy because I'm not God, also I can't forgive. I'm hurted. So, as well as I decided to walk on our own lines, run your own life with no me instead. There's no apologize no forgiveness. Just go through forward please.
The biggest fund you plant is love spreads all over corners. It doesn't need to pay back alwaus. You can pay it forward. Though swollen, broken, melted, squeezed, frozen, burned, torned, contracted, it improves more and more. It has much with no lackness as much as you give it to others.

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