Save Earth by Litlest Thing from Us Now On!

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There are too many word spoken every 22nd April to appreciate Earth Day. Everyone wants to save the earth. But not huge of people actualize it. Some confuses to do what. Some doesn't know start from what. Some just 'Talk Only No Action'. This is the smallest thing we start from our self to save our environment. This is our promise:

I, ...
Pledge to avoid use disposable plastic botle for a week
Starts : 22nd April 2013
Ends : 29th April 2013
We! Agent of earth.

We'll do what we've wrote. Plastic botle is one of disposable material that can't be composed easily by the soil. Many environmental pollution happens because human consume plastic material day by day, and it increase plastic contamination to the soil. The people daily consume of plastic support the plastic produce. That's why we need to change this habit.
This is our small promise we're doing. Joins Us!

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