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'im afraid someone wake me up before the dream is over.'
'that's true why you need to wake up, to make you realize that it should become thru.'
'someone makes me afraid to dream high'
'i'm gonna make you feel brave to dream high'
'i was adapted to live small and ordinarily'
'but you live so far and it's not small ordinarily'
'why you won't go home? are you still mad?'
'yes i am.'
'tell me something to cool you down'
'i have no idea'
'you remember, one day you adviced a young labily boy, he won't go home because he got fighting with his parents. do you remember what you said to him?'
'i don't know.'
'you know and you remember. you said whether they're still your parents and however they threat you they love you. sometime they can't get the best way to show it and make you uncomfortable within.'
'do you think they love me?'
'yes, they do.'
»which one is better? A periodly citizen attend monday flag ceremony or a periodly citizen prays every morning for the nation future? Once more, dont judge a book by its cover.
»Or which one is better, you have no feeling about had been loved by someone you don't take care of anybody? You got a one side love and push your self to still being in love?

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