Epilog 1

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Loving may hurt that person
This person won't do the same mistake like before
Loving that person may hurt
This person have lied about
Loving that person may hurt both
It may we've tried to forget each other

Desire, but it was too painful for both. We have hurted each other, the wounds still leave a mark. Perhaps not yet fully healed.

Desire, but too greedy for being realized. This person's not appropriate to beside that person, just give a chance to love. That person maybe doesn't want to belong besides, maybe thinks under qualified to be.

If this person's created to be an angel, has immuned and immortality. May that person hurt as much as can. If that person's created to be a god, has strenght and authorithy. May this person slaved all live long.

It's a simple thing, but faith says it should be longer to know the end. The person can see the answer at the last. May they unite? We don't know ...

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